What’s Next for Electronic Health Records?

Implementation of electric health records (EHR) has been defined by clearly stated goals and — thus far — frustrating results. Carl Cameron of Holyoke Medical Center explains how they are using QPID Health software to address the issues: “We’re in the process now of implementing a product called QPID, which is essentially like a Google for healthcare. Basically, it sits on top of your medical record and becomes a search engine to help us do surveillance on a behavioral-health patient or cardiac patient, for example; when the patient presents in the emergency room, it will give the clinician a dashboard of past information so they don’t have to search the entire medical record. We believe that snapshot provides a higher level of care for the patient, helping clinicians make real-time decisions in the emergency room.”

Read the full article:What’s Next for Electronic Health Records, Nov 5, 2015

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