Health IT Outcomes: Making EHR Data Usable

EHRs provide a wealth of data, but the time it takes to make sense of that information can be overwhelming. Massachusetts General Hospital implemented a solution to efficiently mine unstructured data for clinical decision support.

As doctors and nurses struggle with EHR systems that are big and clunky, their health systems’ leaders are increasingly searching for tools that gather unstructured data and give it some substance to try to add value and usability. The mission: Find a way to capitalize on reams of data coming from all angles — EHRs, HIEs (health information exchanges), and even home-based platforms and devices — and make it meaningful. Through solutions that help piece together a complete portrait of the patient to enable clinicians to analyze data stored in a digital health record, it’s possible to enhance patient care and improve outcomes.

Read the full article:Making EHR Data Usable, Sept. 28, 2015

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