With our industry’s rapid shift towards value-based reimbursements, it can be tough to keep track of all the quality measures and associated penalties and payments ahead. One thing that’s clear: what hospital and physicians do in 2015 will impact their margins in 2017 and beyond.

Test your knowledge with this healthcare quality “By the Numbers” quiz! 

Match the number with the correct statement. The answers are based on recent announcements from CMS and coverage in industry press and journals. Don’t know the answers? Check out the SOURCES or skip directly to the ANSWERS to learn how the numbers add up.


1) 1,700

2) 50%

3) 15

4) 57

5) 64

6) 40%

7) 29

8) 9%

9) .5%

10) 33

A. Number of “Vital Signs” that the Institute of Medicine recommends as baseline quality metrics

B. Automatic annual raise in Medicare reimbursements planned between 2015 & 2019 now that the SGR is gone

C. Number of CMS quality measures across programs

D. Total potential penalty for Eligible Professionals in 2017 based on 2015 reporting

E. Percent of Medicare reimbursement to be based on performance by 2018

F. Updated CMS electronic clinical quality measures for eligible professionals

G. Number of Joint Commission inpatient care measures for hospitals

H. Latest number of CMS electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) for hospitals

I. Number of metrics tracked by ACOs today

J. Percent of providers who chose a 1.5% pay cut over reporting compliance in 2013; this will be 2% for the 2015 reporting year

Don’t know the answers and want to learn more? Check out the sources below.

Vital Signs: Core Metrics for Health and Health Care Progress
Measuring Vital Signs: An IOM Report on Core Metrics for Health and Health Care Progress
Updated Clinical Quality Measures Revealed by CMS
Post SGR-world could pose IT challenges
What you don’t do in 2015 will cause 9% CMS penalties in 2017
Bringing Parsimony and Reason to the Insanity of Measure Mania
The Obama administration wants to dramatically change how doctors are paid
40% of doctors choose fines over quality reporting compliance, CMS says
Value-Based Care’s Data Problem


1)C; 2)E; 3)A; 4)G; 5)F;

6)J; 7)H; 8)D; 9)B; 10)I