It pays to do your homework on hospital safety rankings!

The LeapFrog Group came out with its Hospital Safety Score rankings for over 2500 hospitals last week. They assigned grades of A-F based on a composite of 28 measures in use by quality measurement programs run by the CDC and CMS and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

Per the report, the state with the most A-rated hospitals is Maine. Our home state of Massachusetts is #2. And only 5% of US hospitals (133) earned an A grade.

Health Grades, which provides online resources to help consumers select a healthcare provider, assigned 1 to 5 stars to hospitals based on how they they performed on common surgeries and procedures. A key takeaway is that 1 out of 6 patients received their care at hospitals with only a 1-star rating.

But the big news is that when it comes to hospital ratings, we consumers should take note!

Patients who research the appropriate hospital for their condition or surgery have a 71 percent lower risk of dying and 65 percent lower risk of a complication during their stay

So we decided to help you do some research on your own.  Since a hospital that does well in one type of surgery is not necessary making the grade in others, Healthgrades lets you search by category:

Healthgrades search by category

An interactive map of state rankings provided by the LeapFrog group is linked here, in case you want to travel:

Map of state rankings 

If you want to know how your local hospital ranks, here’s LeapFrog’s lookup table:

Hospital Safety Score

Don’t forget about the Hospital Compare site, managed by CMS and based on quality measures submitted by hospitals that care for Medicare patients:

Hospital Compare

To read the complete reports from each oganization:

The LeapFrog Group Hospital Safety Score

Healthgrades Report to the Nation

Do your homework and be safe!

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