HIT Consultant: Gartner Names the “Coolest” Vendors for Healthcare Providers & Payers

May 8, 2015

New Gartner report highlights 2015’s “coolest” innovative vendors for healthcare providers and payers.

What makes a healthcare vendor cool? Innovative solutions that solve real challenges for the healthcare C-suite and payer market, according to recent Gartner reports. Each year, Gartner carefully selects a list of “Cool Vendors” representing innovative technologies and business models.

For healthcare providers, these vendors offers provider CIOs, CMIOs and IT leaders offer innovative ways to address some of the perplexing problems these organizations are currently facing. For healthcare payers, these vendors bring innovative products in bundled payments, home monitoring, medical identity protection, and wellness app and device integration.

Healthcare Providers

This year’s “Cool Vendor” for healthcare providers spotlight vendors tackling revenue cycle, clinical surveillance, clinical analytics, nursing and patient engagement with real-time and cloud-based solutions:

1. QPID Health

QPID is transforming clinical data sourced from EHRs and other repositories into actionable information for quality initiatives, registry fulfillment and clinical decisions. While EHRs have improved access to patient data, generating value from the information they hold still requires considerable effort including manual chart review. QPID changes that by automatically retrieving and assembling actionable information from patient records.

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