“Can we afford clinical data registries?” Hear How in this On Demand Webinar

We were pleased to host Julie McDonald, Director, Clinical Analytics, Providence Regional Healthcare Center, on a webinar on Nov. 19. She covered the escalating demand for participation in clinical data registries, and organizational and technological strategies to meet that demand. (Listen in at your convenience to this 30 minute On Demand Webinar.)

Here are a few of her observations:

With 20+ years of experience in data capture and analysis, she has seen the many changes wrought by the implementation of electronic health records. But when it comes to collecting the data for submission to registries, the workflow is largely the same as it was using paper charts!

This situation is clearly not sustainable given the cost of clinical labor and the increasing demand for insights that registries can contribute. Quality improvement initiatives, certification requirements, and risk-sharing with payers all need the kind of real-world data that registries provide.

At Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington, the number of registries is expected to double in the next 15 months. And system-wide, Providence Health and Services is faced with hiring 100 more people if they don’t take steps to automate.

I think we can all agree on the value of registries. The question is, can we afford them?

The answer is “Yes!”, but only if we apply technology that can eliminate the 75% of the process that is wasted in simply finding the information required.

(To solve this problem, Julie’s team at Providence is using QPID Health’s Registry Submission solution, which locates and synthesizes information, and helps populate complex registry forms.)

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