“It’s turned us into data entry clerks!”

Becker’s Hospital Review published a “listicle” this week featuring physicians sharing their frustration with EHRs, which distract from patient care, and add hours to the work day for data entry and searching for information.

You can peruse “25 quotes that show just how fed up physicians are with EHRs” to get the full impact.

But we wanted to call out a few quotes that get to the heart of our mission as a company: to make better use of information collected in the workflow, without increasing the burden on clinicians, so they can focus on patient care.

On a daily basis I can’t find the information, particularly nurses’ notes and things like that that are really valuable to me. In a sense it’s turned us into data entry clerks. Communication with patients is not only suffering, but communication with nursing and others, as well.

As a solo, rural family physician practicing for 34 years, I tried EMR two years ago and spent an additional 2-3 hours per day entering data.

As opposed to looking at the patient, thinking about what’s important with this patient, asking the relevant questions, then proceeding to take care of this patient, there’s this huge fountain of collection of data, then you’ve got to go wading through it hoping you can find the relevant piece of information. It’s a totally backwards approach.

As these comments demonstrate, physicians are tired of dealing with technology that takes the joy out of their profession and essentially turns them into data-entry specialists. By developing software that uses clinical reasoning (NLP and clinical logic) to deliver the patient story directly to clinicians and administrators, we are doing our part to stem the tide of frustration and early retirement.


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