Happier Clinicians = Happier Patients

Amy Krane, Marketing

Patient satisfaction surveys (HCAHPS) are one of the quality measurement tools used by Medicare to calculate payment to hospitals. Score poorly and you can be docked up to 1.5% of your Medicare revenues. And with Yelp reviews of hospitals launched, patient satisfaction should be top of mind.

The equation seems simple: Happy Patients = Great Ratings. In response some hospitals are focused on spas, five-star dining and resort-style amenities.

According to a recent article in Quartz this is the wrong focus. Since nurses spend more time with patients than anyone else, the equation is really: Happy Nurses = Happy Patients.

This makes sense to us.

Hospitals don’t have to be as fancy as a 5-star hotel, but they should create a culture that provides healthcare professionals with the resources necessary to focus their full attention on providing quality care.

At QPID Health, we supply doctors, nurses, and hospitals administrators with intuitive tools that take away administrative burdens related to finding and using information in the EHR. Our team is dedicated to making sure that they are focused on what matters most: the patient. It’s not as glamorous as a lobster dinner, but patients will remember the nurse and doctor who spent the extra time to talk to them, rather than how the cafeteria food tasted.

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