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Healthcare gets buy-in from doctors, payers and
patients on evidence-based care.
How Partners Healthcare Commits to
100% Appropriate Care and Eliminates
Prior Authorization
Dr. Mike Zalis
Chief Medical Officer & Co-founder
QPID Health
Dr. Creagh Milford
Assoc. Medical Director
Population Health, Partners HealthCare
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Slide background QPID: It’s about time. Now you can use the data in the EHR to increase clinical throughput,
combat medical errors, reduce cancellations, and lower costs.
Customer Results
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QPID was raised with input from expert clinicians.
Our Story

QPID automatically extracts relevant clinical factors from patient health records, combining information from anywhere and in any format to tell the patient story.

So the information you spend so much time collecting can drive smarter clinical decisions and more efficient administration.

QPID: “Quick Patient Insights Delivered”

cliniciansFor Clinicians

QPID cuts the time and effort to review medical records, and automates clinical data abstraction. That means more time for patients and for you.

cost-savingFor the C-Suite

You’ve sunk millions into your EHR. Now QPID increases “return on information” with smarter resource utilization and clinical decisions.

server-stackFor IT Teams

Pre-built Clinical Concept queries for easy EHR search, and intuitive dashboards, empower clinician self-service with minimal I.T. effort.

dr-target Webinar:
HOW Partners Healthcare Targets 100% Appropriate Care and Eliminates Prior Authorization

Attend our free live webinar featuring Dr. Creagh Milford of Partners HealthCare.

He will share best practices for: 

– Physician buy-in to evidence-based guidelines
– Elimination of payer medical necessity reviews
– Informing patients of their personal risk/benefits


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