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Slide background QPID: It’s about time. Now you can use the data in the EHR to increase clinical throughput,
combat medical errors, reduce cancellations, and lower costs.
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QPID was raised with input from expert clinicians.
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Slide background Your 1 pm MRI study was cancelled
because the patient has a pacemaker.
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QPID integrates with EHRs and other data repositories to extract the essential patient narrative from structured and unstructured data scattered throughout the health record. QPID delivers on the promise of better care at lower costs.

cliniciansBoost Clinician Productivity

QPID cuts the time and effort required for review of electronic medical records. That means more time for patients and for you.

cost-savingGet more ROI
from the EHR

You’ve sunk millions into enterprise EHR. Now increase “return on information” by making it accessible for clinical decisions.

server-stackShorten the “To-Do” List for I.T.

QPID’s library of clinical concept queries for EHR search, and intuitive dashboards, empower clinician self-service with minimal I.T. effort.

featureQ-Guide Released!
Eliminates the Need for Prior Authorization by Payers
Q-Guide helps clinicians validate appropriateness of ordered procedures, using evidence-based guidelines and patient risk factors. Q-Guide supports high-volume, high-cost procedures such as cardiac catheterization and stenting, and total knee and hip replacement. Payers can waive expensive manual Prior Authorization where Q-Guide is used.

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