Hear Dr. Robert Wachter share eye-opening experiences
from over 100 interviews he conducted for his new book,
The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype and Harm at the Dawn
of Medicine’s Computer Age

Dr. Mike Zalis
Chief Medical Officer & Co-founder
QPID Health

Dr. Robert Wachter
Chief of Hospital Medicine
UCSF Medical Center


Doctor: A Conversation On How to Get it Right


Searching for needles in the EHR haystack?

Too much data? Too hard to find what you need?

QPID gets it.

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QPID thinks like a clinician.

QPID delivers information from patient records that matches the way clinicians think.

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Clinician designed. Clinician proven.

Born at the Massachusetts General Hospital,
QPID was raised with input from expert clinicians.

Our Story

QPID synthesizes the patient’s health picture from the data you’re already collecting in EHRs. With QPID’s automated clinical data abstraction, all your information assets work for revenue protection via efficient quality reporting, registry submissions, and cohort identification.

QPID makes your data work harder.
Not your staff.


icon-data-sheet   Learn how to protect revenue by leveraging clinical data assets

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cliniciansClinical Reasoning

QPID “thinks like a clinician” using clinical logic and natural language processing to generate key patient facts from any data, even free-form notes.

cliniciansReturn on Information

You’ve sunk millions into your EHR. Now get “return on information” using QPID to maximize reimbursement and protect revenue.

registriesQuality Reporting and Registries

QPID automates quality and registry reporting, protecting revenue associated with achievement of quality metrics.

QPID a “Cool Vendor”g

QPID Health named in 2015 Cool Vendors in Health Care Providers report 

Gartner, Inc. is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. Each year, Gartner analysts identity technology strategies that are innovative, impactful, and intriguing.

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